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CUBRE is a company dedicated to developing architectural covers in Guatemala and Central America. The design and proper functioning of these structures depends on a correct understanding of the material and structural elements that comprise it, this is achieved through knowledge, experience, criteria and professional certification.

Design and Engineering

Conceptual and Final Architectural Design in 3D. We define the final form (Formfinding), its functionality and viability by using specialized software in membranes, which allows a better visualization and integration with the surrounding architecture. Structural and membrane engineering is based on existing construction codes, both local and international, the membrane is designed and calculated with high safety factors and is subject to European software specialized in this type of high technology construction material. The anchors, connections and supports are carefully designed as aesthetic accessories, light and with innovative materials.

Diseño e Ingeniería - CUBRE - Membrane Architecture
Suministros de materiales - CUBRE - Membrane Architecture

Materials Supply

The main material in these structures is the “membrane or structural canvas,” which can be found in the market by various producers around the world, however, SERGE FERRARI is a French company of great experience and the current technology leader in manufacture of membranes. Therefore, we guarantee all of our covers quality using brand products of SERGE FERRARI.

Manufacture and Membrane Welding

The membrane covers technology is based not only in design but in their manufacture and proper use of materials. In CUBRE we have specialized equipment and technology (FIAB), certified (FORSTROMM, LEISTER) for proper welding and manufacture of membranes: High Frequency (HFW) and hot air (HAW). Our staff has been trained abroad by the suppliers of this technology for their proper use and certification of welding, both in our plant or in-site.

Construcción y Montaje

Construction and Assembly

All of our projects are supervised and installed by personnel with extensive experience in handling membranes. Given that we use exclusive materials that require special care for handling, our staff uses specific tools and advanced equipment for a proper installation and final tensioning.

Support and Services

To maintain and extend the useful life of a membrane cover, it´s advisable to schedule a regular maintenance program, mainly performed with specialized products manufactured for cleaning. In CUBRE we provide SERGE FERRARI brand detergents and membrane cleaning equipment to ensure an accurate maintenance service; we also train your maintenance staff on proper techniques and use of the cleaning equipment for the task.

Soporte y Servicios
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